Are you unhappy with the new gun controls passed in New York State? Texas wants you to move there and is advertising that exact thing online. You may start seeing online ads inviting you to move to Texas where they have more relaxed laws. 

One of the great things about states rights is that each state can largely decide what works best for them, which often is different than another state. If you feel that New York is being too restrictive when it comes to gun issues, then Texas wants you to move there.

You may see one of two ads pop up online - one says "Is Gov. Cuomo looking to take your guns?" and the other says ", "Wanted: Law abiding New York gun owners looking for lower taxes and greater opportunity." The ads are being paid for by Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbot's campaign funds which and the ads (below) link to a Facebook page.

While many people might like the idea in New York, a lot of the comments on the AG's Facebook page, where he asked Texans to choose their favorite ad, were not very excited at having New Yorkers arrive.

This is the other ad: