I only know two things about Croton-on-Hudson (a town that seems to like hyphens). It's south of Poughkeepsie, and they have an A&P. The only reason I've learned any of this, is because of an employee at said A&P.

There are perks at a lot of jobs. A chef friend of mine eats expensive food for free all the time. CD's and DVD's come to the radio station regularly. Whatever perks you get at a super market were not enough for one employee, a 46 year-old man from Ossining, who decided to take matters into his own pants, and steal $1,200 worth of meat, again, in his pants.

Maybe said pants had a ton of cargo pockets on them, but I like to believe he was just stuffing meat down a pair of baggy jeans. How do you hide something like that? Was the meat packaged, that adds to how much you can stuff down your trousers. Was it unpackaged meat? That's the far grosser option, and therefore the one I choose to believe happened.