I have no words for how absolutely disgusting this is. The extreme audacity of an individual   to kick people when they are down for the count; the heinous act that he committed is just so beyond low, pathetic, inhumane, unspeakable, horrid- oh look I did find my words! 

It's people and things like this that make me wonder what this world truly is coming to. How did people get this way? What would possess someone to do such a cruel thing? It's sad that a person like this survived Sandy. Not that I would wish death on anybody but he is too low to be a worthy citizen. Listen to this:

Alfonso Manzo, 49, wandered the torn and devastated streets of Staten Island donning his Red Cross jacket. He went door-to-door- people assumed he was volunteering his time to help those in need after Sandy ripped through their town and turned it and their lives upside down. They were wrong- he was there with malicious intentions- theft.

Houses in the area were evacuated prior to Sandy, making it easy for anyone to enter their homes. No one even fathomed such a thing happening, though. As Manzo entered each house with his falsified uniform, he helped himself to other's belongings. He was caught in the act by city cops. He had no proof that he worked for the Red Cross and later admitted that he in fact did not.

He was arrested with burglary and criminal impersonation of a public servant charges, which were added on to his other 28 prior arrests and charges. He has served time in prison four times in the last three decades.

Police found nothing on Manzo except for six methadone pills, which also added criminal possession of a controlled substance to the long list of wrongs.

What should be done to this long-time criminal?