There have always been risks that come with energy drinks, but a new study shows that there could be even bigger risks at work.

When energy drinks started hitting the market America found a new best friend.  The energy drink market itself is the fastest growing drink market in the US.  A new study is out showing that most of the energy drinks out there may have the same long lasting effects of tobacco products. If consumed enough, your body will become accustomed to it being in your system and bada bing, bada boom, addiction and you didn't even know it.  I know that I was drinking energy drinks quite often, but recently have switched back to coffee.

The energy drinks that were studied can actually enhance the jittery effect of caffeine with less consumption.  Most of these problems are seen with teens and young adults.  Doctors are saying that they are seeing side effects of energy drinks and there needs to be a safe limit put on how much people can consume.  If you just use some common sense then you can avoid any of these new risks. I know that when I was in college I had one too many energy drink type products and my hands were shaking.  That was a big time wake up call for me.

A spokesperson from one of the energy drink companies said that their products contain less caffeine than most coffees.  The biggest problem in energy drinks is the crazy amount of sugar that is dumped into each can.  If you have high blood pressure you should steer clear of them.  The risk of a heart attack is very high.  We all know by now that combining energy drinks and alcohol is a no, no (doesn't stop me from doing a Jager bomb every once in a while though).

I started drinking energy drinks because I didn't really enjoy the taste of coffee, plus that killer bad breath it gives you is just nasty.  I love coffee now, and hardly ever do the energy drink thing.  If you're looking for that jolt to wake up and you were like me and don't like coffee there are other options.  You can take supplements like vitamin B-12, ginseng and ginko biloba.  These taken everyday, you will definitely start to see yourself being more alert.  I take B-12 everyday, and I feel great.  Bonus, no crash once the effects wear off.  Until the FDA properly starts regulating energy drinks we will continue seeing problems associated with them.  So until we see that, moderation please.