There is a new app for your phone called the Broapp that allows you to hang with your friends and keep your girl at home happy and in love with you. This is the turn of the century stuff America needs!

It’s no secret that women are a lot like sugar gliders. You have to be gentile with them, they require constant attention and they are just flat our crazy some times. However, Broapp has figured out a way to keep her calm while you hit the night with your friends. Bro app automatically sends a sweet loving text message to your lady or loved one with the touch of a button. No thinking, no stress and no way to slip up and say something you’ll regret.

The app is described as "smart" and a way to maximize your relationship, according to Dailymail.

“Maximize” or “salvage,” either way you put it this is a pretty solid move in the world of bros.