Is this really it? Is this the sign we have been waiting for? NASA has spotted what looks like light coming out of the ground of Mars and the aliens are coming to take over!

According to there are new photos surfacing of what appears to be a beam of light shooting up from beneath the surface of the red planet. NASA is saying the image is interesting but they can’t be certain what it is. These pictures were taken from a robot millions of miles away. The “light” can only be seen in pictures taken from the camera on the right eye of the rover and not from the left eye, which snapped a photo just a second after.

I know people will be skeptical that this is not what it seems. People are going to say that this is just a glitch in the data or a scratch on the lens. I know the truth about this light and I can explain why it was not seen 1 second after. Do you really thing Douglas Quaid AKA Hauser would allow himself to be seen for more than a second? No way, he’s working on firing up that core generator to create a sustainable atmosphere for Mars.