It was a big weekend for the folks over at NASA. After nearly a year in space, the shuttle carrying the latest Mars rover landed successfully.

What a day for mankind. We have landed on Mars. Oh wait, we already did that? So what's the big deal? The reason why these nerds in the above video are celebrating so hard is because this particular rover happens to be state of the art.

Even though it still resembles the robot from 'Short Circuit', it's apparently finally going to be able to tell us if Mars is in fact capable of sustaining life - or at least if it was. The reason why it's state of the art is because it was a complicated landing. It needed to be done just right, or over $2 billion is down the drain. With that rover, the ship had to do things just perfect, and completely automated. They say it will increase our ability to explore space - the final frontier - in the future.

National Geographic can explain it a little better than us, but you get the point. We have landed on Mars. We could potentially explore the galaxy a little bit more, which means we are closer to living every dorks 'Star Trek' dream. Live long a prosper.

[Via LA Times]