Workers of a hospital in Maryland were seeing a very odd looking animal along the woods of  their building.  They decided to set up a trap to catch it, and it has people scratching their heads as to what it is, and some are throwing out the word chupacabra.

You be the judge for yourself in this instance, but I doubt it's a chupacabra.  If your not up to speed on what that is, it's a creature rumored to inhabit the Americas and is known for sucking the blood of live stock.  Most scientists will tell you that they are a myth, such as Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster.

In Maryland however, people think they may have caught one near a hospital.  It's doubtful that it is in fact a chupacabra, but if not that, than what is it?  I have never seen an animal that looks like this.  It's head looks like a kangaroo, the body of a dog and a long tail similar to a rodent.  The people who caught it took a bunch of video and pictures of it before letting it go. They are going to give the pictures to experts to try and identify what exactly it is.