New York-based multi-genre quartet Mindless Self Indulgence are reissuing their 1999 album Tight, which has been out of print since for some time now. The reissue album, to be named Tighter, will debut April 26 through The End Records. It will also be available in vinyl form.  

The reissue will come in a package which includes the following: unreleased photos, printed lyrics, behind-the-scenes commentary by MSI, a bonus DVD featuring live footage from the beginning years of the band and 12 previously unreleased tracks. This awesome bundle package costs just $40 and can be purchased here.

The track listing for the Tighter album includes the following:

CD/LP Tracklisting:
1. Grab The Mic
2. Bring The Pain
3. Mindless Self Indulgence *
4. Tight
5. Diabolical
6. Molly
7. Tornado
8. Daddy
9. P**sy All Night
10. Apple Country
11. D**kface
12. Bite Your Rhymes
13. Tornado (Live at CBGB)
14. Ecnegludni Fles Sseldnim
15. JX-47 *
16. Shnooze * (CD ONLY)
17. Cake *
18. I Hate Everyone *
19. If Only I Didn’t Want To F The Ones Who Didn’t Want To F Me *
20. Agents *
21. Bring The Pain (new wave) *
22. Tornado (cassingle version) *
23. This Isn’t Good *
24. D**kface Demo *
25. Tight 8-Bit *
26. I Think I Turned 22 *
27. Free As A Birdie (CD)*/Bring The Pain acapella (LP ONLY)


MSI frontman Jimmy Urine made the following statement in regards to the reissue:

Everyone always said Mindless Self Indulgence was 10 years ahead of its time. So this record should fit in perfectly in 2011!

For more information and to see what the DVD consists of, go here.

Are you an MSI fan? Will you be one of the first in the virtual line to purchase the reissue?