Yes, I am from New England. And yes, I am a Patriot fan. But I learned early on in my gambling days to not let your heart get in the way of your wallet. So that’s why I’m all over the San Diego Super Chargers +7 this Sunday. I’ve been thinking about this game ever since I heard it was on the schedule.

If you watched the game these 2 played last year in San Diego you’d know the Pats stole that one. Well, not even. Actually, it was more the Chargers handed it to New England and said “Can you please take this win… because we don’t really want it.” The Chargers outgained the Pats by almost 200 yards going up and down the field. But they turned the ball over 4 times. And 2 of them were just plain silly with a pass that was called a lateral and fumble, and in another where a receiver simply laid the ball in the middle of the field when he fell down. He thought he was touched by the defense, but in actually he wasn’t, so a Patriot picked up the ball and ran 50 something yards with it. The whole game was filled with all sorts of little fluke like plays in it.

I know the Chargers are notorious for slow starts, but when you get a chance to take them getting points (and a touchdown in this case) you’ve got to get down with this team as they are an absolute fantastic team in the underdog role.

Extra incentive: Everyone was blown away with the Pats on Monday night and Brady’s record night throwing for over 500 yards. But let’s not forget that the Pats defense also let Chad Henne throw for over 400 himself. Wow, if the P-Men let Henne do that to them, what do you think Phillip Rivers is going to do with a full and healthy roster? (Something that he didn’t have in last year’s match up.) In my opinion, the Pats will be lucky if they can just get the win outright. I love the Pats, but the truth is, they are never going to go all the way again until they get some playmakers on defense. The Patriots that won Super Bowls had difference makers like Ty Law, Teddy Bruschi, Rodney Harrison and such. Tom Brady maybe awesome, and might even have his best season yet, but the old adage is still true in my book as ‘offense wins games, but defense wins championships’.  

Chargers +7