Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts - some of the greatest actors of our generation.  What do they all have in common?  Well, this year, they have the honor of appearing on the list of the biggest movie FLOPS of 2011.

Kurt Orzeck posted a list of the the biggest movie flops of 2011 on and believe it or not, some of the titles on this list starred HUGE actors!  I'm surprised to see how poorly some of these films did at the box office this year.

THE RUM DIARY: Johnny Depp's flick had a 45 million dollar budget yet only brought in 19.1 million world-wide.


COWBOYS & ALIENS: Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig in a 163 million dollar budgeted film couldn't draw fans to this flick.  Despite the two heavy hitters on the big screen, the film only made 174.6 million dollars but after advertising costs, the film lost money.


LARRY CROWNE: I'm surprised to see that the combo of Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts did so poorly as well.  The film hauled in 52.4 million dollars on a 30 million dollar budget.


The full list has a lot of surprises on there.  Perhaps it is the down economy or the emergence of companies such as NetFlix or a RedBox?  Are you surprised to see any of these films on the FLOP list?