Everybody wants a piece of the action and it's time to cash in on the Royal Wedding.  These souvenir's now are the collector items of the future from nail clippers, plates, and mugs to the most bizarre souvenir yet.

A firm has announced it will sell - Royal Wedding Air.  Yes, trained professionals will be out and about in London on the day of the Royal Wedding collecting AIR - something the whole family can enjoy!

The firm that is marketing Royal Wedding air state that you need to treat Royal Air like a fine bottle of champagne - gather around the table and take a healthy sniff!  Or on special occasions unscrew the cap, pass the bottle and get a nasal clean smell.

No word on price, but the Royal Wedding is big business, a $325 million dollar business, and the most bizarre Royal Wedding Souvenir is part of it!  

So if you need to satisfy your Royal Wedding obessed friend in your life, Royal Wedding Air is the perfect gift. Maybe they'll get a whiff of Kate.