Joseph Gordon Levitt's Batman role revealed; We find out who Spidey will be fighting in the new Spider-Man film; The original Wonder Woman gives her opinion on the new show and costume; Kevin Costner cast as Superman's Dad.

A couple weeks ago I had reported that Joseph Gordon Levitt could be joining the cast of The Dark Knight Rises, the third installment of the Christopher Nolan Batman series.  Well those rumors are confirmed and Levitt's role has been revealed as well.  Many were speculating that he would be playing The Riddler, not so.  He has been cast as The Holiday Killer/Alberto Falcone.  You may remember the Falcone name from Batman Begins, he was the gangster running the streets of Gotham before Batman cleaned them up. Levitt's character is Falcone's nephew who was left out of the crime family.  After going to college he comes back and starts killing off key members of Falcone's gang in a bit of vigilante justice.  The role is perfect for Levitt, who always looked a little bit creepy to me.

NBC is in the process of getting a pilot shot for the upcoming Wonder Woman TV series, a reboot to the 1970's show starring Lynda Carter.  Well now the original Wonder Woman is weighing in on the project and the reveal of the costume (to see photos of Adrianne Palicki in the new outfit, check out my blog here).  Carter said that she thinks Palicki looks great in the new suit.  The costume had been criticized by Fox News over the weekend for it's sexy look.  Carter also added that she isn't afraid that Palicki's Wonder Woman will trump hers.  She said that she is sure that there are some people that will like her better than me and vice verse.  She also said she can't wait to see what else NBC reveals about the show.  David E. Kelley is the mind behind the new Wonder Woman project and has even been in talks with Carter to do a cameo role on the upcoming show, but no news as to what the role would be or when.

Another reboot that is in the works is The Amazing Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man.  The villain of the film may have accidentally been revealed by C. Thomas Howell, who has a small supporting role in the film.  He told RetroRadio that the bad guy in the film will be The Lizard.  Howell talked about how there will be a big battle between Spidey and The Lizard on the Manhattan Bridge where Spidey has to save Howell's characters son.  It will be very interesting to see The Lizard on the big screen being that he is such a powerful foe.  I can't wait for The Amazing Spider-Man to hit theaters in July 2012.

In Superman news, he has a Dad!  Kevin Costner has been cast in the roll of Jonathan Kent along side Diane Lane who will be playing Martha Kent.   Warner Bros confirmed over the weekend that Costner would get the role. The studio said that Costner will have no trouble with the role of a rural middle class man passing down family values to his son.  No comment yet from Kevin Costner about his iconic role.