Q-Ruption 2012 was INSANE!  It's hard to pick one moment from a 12  hour rock show and say - that was the moment that made my night.  However, there was a spot in the show where I had to stop, turn to the guys and yell HOLY POOP (I did not say poop) THAT ROCKED!  Check out my holy poop moment with the Godsmack dueling drum set!

During the Godsmack set last night,  Sully got behind the drums and started to rock out.  I love when lead singers show off some of their other musical skills and the man did not disappoint.  During a dueling drum set that lasted over eight minutes, I saw both drum sets spin 360, I saw Sully play with his hands and I heard the coolest thing of the night.  About six minutes into this video I grabbed on YouTube from one of our awesome listeners, you can see the guys guys bust out ACDC Back in Black and then Aerosmith Walk This Way.  So cool! Check out the vid!  What was your favorite moment from last night's show?