You know you have one - or a dozen.  Your favorite movie quotes.  A quick one-liner that you and your friends can drop anywhere, anytime and you all know exactly what you're referencing.   I thought I'd share some of my personal favorites with you and see how many times I can get you to ask mom for meatloaf tonight.  As a heads up, keep the kiddies away - Monte loves movies that involve cursing.

1) Space Balls , an oldie but a goodie. Can't tell you how many times I walk around the office saying, "I knew it, I'm surrounded by a$$holes."


2) No way can you mutter the word "forever" and not do it like Squints did in The Sandlot.


3) "POW!" is all it takes for me to get someone to shout, "it's the Catalina Wine Mixer!"


4) At least once a week, I pick up my phone and start the conversation with not "hello" but rather, "Tire World."  Major League!


5) Like you can't go out to lunch with your friends, grab the shaker and say "Tigers love pepper" as you pour it on your steak.



What are your favorite movie quotes?  What is one word you can say that just starts that chain of laughter?