Victoria’s Secret Model Kylie Bisutti wants to quit modeling at an early age? She’s only 21 years old, and she says modeling lingerie doesn’t exactly fit her Christian life style. I say good choice! Listen I have no opinion on her stepping aside on behalf of her religious beliefs, id never poke fun of her for that. However, I think quitting at the age of 21 is a smart move. I mean in modeling years 21 is pretty much the top of the mountain. It’s all down hill from here Kylie. Good idea walking away before that body goes to crap. Soon your breast will actually need that bra to make them perky. Soon your face starts to show some crows feet and that ass that you can bounce a coin off, yeah that will tern to a big tub of Nickelodeon gack.

So thank you for stepping down while we still have the fresh image of you being attractive instead of something repulsive looking like Jabba the Hut or worse, Tyra Banks!