This coming Martin Luther King Jr. Day marks 25 years since it has been declared a national holiday. Individuals, groups and organizations throughout the country are celebrating the day in their own special way. However, the MLK 25 Challenge is gaining in popularity, as it allows people to choose how to spend the holiday while still commemorating the King.

The main idea of the challenge is to get people to commit to doing 25 things throughout 2011 to help someone else, in order to make a difference in the lives of others, as well as in their communities. From donating food and clothing, to volunteering at a shelter, and even becoming a volunteer firefighter, every little thing truly helps and can make a difference in at least one person's life. If you have the ability to impact a stranger's life and make it better, why not put yourself up to this challenge?

It's only two weeks into 2011, but already so many people have started the challenge, and are sharing their stories with others via MLK Day's Twitter page. In Lake Village, AR., residents gathered to clean up the town's litter and filth. In Los Angeles, CA., the mayor helped several elementary schools and its volunteers plant trees, shrubs and flowers, and many others are supporting Red Cross and donating blood.

January 20, 1986 marked the day that Ronald Reagan signed the bill that officially recognized and honored the first Martin Luther King Jr. Day. King sacrificed everything to make a better life for those around him through his encouraging words and actions. He made a difference in the world that caused him to be a hero and a legacy. You can be a hero and start a legacy of your own, all by starting with the MLK 25 Challenge.

To read more about the MLK 25 Challenge and find out what you can do to participate, visit the home page.

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