And this is why returning a lost phone is probably the best thing you can do. I mean, come on, no one wants a 'bad juju summer.'

An Albany area resident recently lost their iPhone and decided, 'hey, might as well write a note and post it on a random tree.'



My lock screen has my email address posted with a quick message: 'Email me at  for directions on how to return memory card.' And I have to tell you, up until 30 seconds ago I had faith that someone would do exactly that. But after reading that gem above, I'm changing my message to: 'You're not going to return my phone or memory card anyways, enjoy this locked phone and MY memory's with MY youngin.'

I have to give it to this person though, using karma and superstition to try and retrieve a lost phone. And come on man, what can you really do with a locked iPhone? It's evident that selling it isn't going to happen, right? So why keep it? I mean, do you really want karma to come smacking you in the face over a damn phone? No! Bad summer juju? Who the hell wants that?

And you see that devious smiley face don't ya? The owner of this phone wants you to get in a fiery car crash over that thing, yo! So do what's right and return it! Apple knows you have it, the owner knows you have it and now we know you have it. Call this person, setup a time to meet and give the damn thing back.