What were you doing last night? Maybe you were kicked back watching a few shows, eating some yummy food and maybe, just maybe,  touching your lady? Something tells me you weren't threatening a store clerk and pouring kerosene all over your chicks trailer. Something also tells me that you will have a place to poo when you get home.

William H. Thompson is in some hot water let me tell you. State Police are saying Mr. Thompson went nutty early Wednesday morning and ripped out the toilet in his girlfriends trailer home. But wait, it gets better.

Thompson also poured kerosene all over the place and threatened to ignite it. He also smashed a flat screen TV, and for the most part, trashed his lady's home. Thompson didn't stop there, though. For some reason I'm thinking his thoughts were: 'Let's take this show on the road.'

Google Maps Screenshot

Thompson ended up at the Cumberland Farms on Geyser Road, smashed a display case, glass door, and threatened the store clerk after jumping over the counter all before being arrested by State Police.  And you thought your night was rough?

Thompson was charged with third-degree attempted arson, third-degree burglary, two counts of criminal mischief and menacing all before a judge at Malta town court. If you'd like to send Thompson fan mail or love letters, he's currently sitting in Saratoga County jail without bail.