Amazingly, there are still a few things that the singer of the self proclaimed “World’s greatest rock and roll band” has still not done yet, but he gets a chance to cross one thing of his list next weekend. 

Photo by Stephen Lovekin,Getty Images

On February 13th, Mick Jagger will make his first-ever live appearance at the Grammy’s on CBS. He will pay tribute to the late gospel singer Solomon Burke and be accompanied by Raphael Saadiq and his band. I don’t know who Solomon was, but will surely tune in to watch a legend one more time and perhaps learn something about someone so well respected. Who knows, maybe I’m a huge Solomon Burke fan and don’t even know it yet! Speaking of finding out about great music that you might not have heard before, check out one of my favorite Stones tunes "Undercover of the Night'! Becareful if you click it though, because if you don’t like to dance, you might want to nail your feet to floor first cause this one’s got some good grooves. Yeahguy!