The first of the final three albums of world-famous band Metallica's vinyl re-issue was announced earlier today. 'Garage Inc." is the first release of the final trio, and goes on sale in the Metallica store today.

However, by the time it arrives in your mailbox, it might not be worth it, as the album goes on sale in U.S. record stores on Tuesday, March 1. If that seems too far away, be grateful, because Americans are the guinea pigs who get to experience the re-released album first, as the rest of the world has to wait until March 28 to pick up their copy.

'Garage Inc.' will be available in two packages. Because the original was released as a double disc, the vinyl versions will include a three-disc, gatefold package for the 33 1/3 RPM version, and as box set with six discs for the 180 gram, 45 RPM deluxe version for all your collectors and physical product nerds.

All of the music was mastered and improved from the original analog tapes, which promises supreme audiophile quality.

The regular 'Garage Inc.' vinyl will cost $50, and the deluxe edition will be around $110. It may seem like a lot of dough, but for what you get mentally and emotionally from the re-issue will be priceless.

Other good news for the legendary rock quartet was announced earlier this week. They confirmed that the 'Big Four,' which is made up of themselves, Anthrax, Megadeath and Slayer will be taking the stage in Milan, Italy on July 6 at the Fiera Open Air Arena. For more tour dates, go here.

These two pieces of amazing news will continue to do great things for Metallica, and will keep them high on their highly-deserved rock n' roll throne.

'Garage Inc.' debuted in 1998 and includes the following song list:

1. Free Speech For The Dumb - (originally recorded by Discharge)
2. It's Electric - (originally recorded by Diamond Head)
3. Sabbra Cadabra - (originally recorded by Black Sabbath)
4. Turn The Page - (originally recorded by Bob Seger)
5. Die Die My Darling - (originally recorded by the Misfits)
6. Loverman - (originally recorded by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)
7. Mercyful Fate - featuring Evil, Curse of the Pharaohs, Satan's
8. Astronomy - (originally recorded by Blue Oyster Cult)
9. Whiskey In The Jar - (originally recorded by Thin Lizzy)

10. Tuesday's Gone - (originally recorded by Lynyrd Skynyrd)

11. The More I See - (originally recorded by Discharge)

1. Helpless - (originally recorded by Diamond Head
2. The Small Hours - (originally recorded by Holocaust)
3. The Wait - (originally recorded by Killing Joke)
4. Last Caress/Green Helll - (originally recorded by The Misfits)
5. Am I Evil? - (originally recorded by Diamond Head)
6. Blitzkrieg - (originally recorded by Blitzkrieg)
7. Breadfan - (originally recorded by Budgie)
8. The Prince - (originally recorded by Diamond Head)
9. Stone Cold Crazy - (originally recorded by Queen)
10. So What - (originally recorded by the Anti-Nowhere League)

11. Killing Time - (originally recorded by Sweet Savage)
12. Overkill - (originally recorded by Motorhead)
13. Damage Case - (originally recorded by Motorhead)
14. Stone Dead Forever - (originally recorded by Motorhead)
15. Too Late Too Late - (originally recorded by Motorhead)
16. Crash Course in Brain Surgery (originally recorded by Budgie)