While metalheads and Miley Cyrus may seemingly have little in common, those lines just got a little blurred with a new cover version of the pop singer's hit song 'Wrecking Ball.'

For Salvation's Brian Storm and Galactic Pegasus' Andrew Baena have taken the sugary infectiousness of the Cyrus single 'Wrecking Ball' and rocked it up to give it a metalcore and djent representation.

Unlike the Cyrus video, which has the nude singer swinging through the air on a giant wrecking ball, the Storm/Baena video is short on production value with the singer looking to have shot his vocals in a bedroom with a 'Grand Theft Auto' poster in the background. Meanwhile, Baena's shots are spliced in separately with close ups of him playing guitar in a darkened room.

After hearing Storm's angst-ridden screams, you'll never hear the Cyrus version the same way again.

[Thanks to Rock 108 DJ Frank Pain in Abilene, Texas, for the head's up.]