Jake LaMarca & Louie are a local comedic duo, I herd that Louie had never been to a radio station before, so I invited Jake & Louie to the station.

I first saw Jake & Louie at the Comedy Works in Albany, we were booked on the same local showcase, I had the chance to meet Jake that night, but not Louie.

Louie must of been busy after the show, I herd a rumor that he requires a nap immediately after every show or else he gets really cranky.

I got the chance to see Jake & Louie again at Morgan William's Comedy Open Mic, Jake & Louie were such a hit that the audience demanded a encore, people at the event were actually calling their friends and family, telling them to come to the show to see Jake & Louie.

After the show I got to chat with Jake again, but not Louie.

That night I invited them down to the station for a interview, so I could finally have the opportunity to meet Louie before his post-show-nap and I have to admit I was kind of starstruck.

This is Part 1 of Jake & Louie's visit, later I will be posting Part 2, where Jake & Louie tour the station and Louie interviews for a job with Townsquare Media.