Got a Vegan friend? We all do and they make sure to inject some opinions about your meat eating options from time to time. How about being told this through a text book though? Best part, PETA DIDN'T write it!

An Indian booked called "New Healthway", book for students ages 11 and 12, claims that meat eaters "easily cheat, tell lies, forget promises, are dishonest, tell bad words [aka swear], steal, fight, turn to violence, and sex crimes."

Did you get all that?

It gets better. The book also claims that "meat flavor is the result of product waste."

The book's publisher has since withdrawn the book siting "the matter is regrettable" and that the author of the book is an advt vegetarian. Keep in mind that for religious reasons meat is not consumed by Hindus and Islamic dietary laws prohibit beef consumption.

Propaganda of the new breed? How was this book even let out by the publisher? No one did an editorial check before it hit the press?

Listen, I get it. If you are a vegan, vegetarian, whatever - eat your leafs and leave me to plunder another fillet. I have friends who always have to take a jab, I guess it makes them feel better, to remind me of their 'food choice' and 'how mine immoral.'

In the mighty words of a good friend - "Hey vegetarians. My food poops on your food."

Hmmm, now I want a steak for lunch.