They said something about meat and blogging on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show, I guess it's my job to make it happen, because I've had a lot of different kinds of meat in my mouth. 


I've had a lot of meat pass through my lips and then I devoured it with my man teeth, so don't get any ideas, but that is what this blog is about, I have had a lot of meat, but I want more!

I have consumed the following meats: Beef, Chicken, Pork, Turkey, Duck, Bison, Frog, Camel, Lamb, Kangaroo, Fish, Lobster, Crab, Alligator, Venison, Moose and Rabbit.

There is just so much meat in the world though, so here is a list of meats I would like to try.



  • 1


    It's because of the movie Three Amigos, because of the scene where they eat bats. They all seem to be enjoying the bat meat, especially the wings. I used to eat toasted bagels with butter and imagine that the bagel was a bat's wings.

  • 2


    Just so I can say "How do you like it?!"

    I have a fear of bears, because bears eat people, bears can eat anything they want and sometimes they steal your picnic basket and you can't do anything about it. I would like to chew on a bear with my man teeth, so that I can feel like I am at the top of the food chain.

    I don't care how it taste, I must eat bear to conquer my fear, then people will invite me to go camping, because I will stop insisting I need to bring gasoline and dynamite.

  • 3

    Komodo Dragon

    How often do you get to say " I ate a dragon."

    I think that Komodo Dragon's are poisonous, but maybe that is what they want you to think?

    Because if you eat a dragon, you can absorb it's powers.

  • 4


    I wonder if it taste sweet,or maybe it taste spicy because it's pretty.

    We can grind them into burgers and decorate the buns like Peacock feathers.

    People will see you eating that pretty burger and ask you what it is and you can proudly say "Peacock!"

  • 5

    Aaron Rodgers

    Because he is Fun Size!

    Or would he be Bite Size?

    Aaron Rodgers is short.

  • 6

    Cookie Monster


    Because he will taste like cookies....duh?

  • 7


    Because Hyena meat must have something in it that will make you laugh like Whoopi Goldberg.

  • 8


    On second thought.... No... probably too woody.

  • 9

    Road Runner

    So I can rub it in that silly Coyote's face.

  • 10


    You have to eat them really fast though, or else it's cannibalism and that's wrong.

  • 11


    Gotta catch em all.

    Of course Japan has Pokemon you can eat.