No wonder this guy created facebook, he is totally awkward in social settings! 

So I have been watching Saturday Night Live for years and it's usually hit or miss when it comes to the hosts monologue.  Jesse Eisenberg, the star of Zombieland and The Social Network was this weeks host and of course they played on him portraying  facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  During his monologue SNL cast member Andy Samberg came out and did his Zuckerberg impression while the real Mark Zuckerberg hung out back stage with SNL creator and producer Lorne Michaels.

Shortly after seeing "The Zuck" backstage he then joined Eisenberg and Samberg on stage.  Interesting side note.  My girlfriend pointed out they are all "bergs", I thought that was pretty weird.   This had the potential to be awesome.  Remember when Samberg was doing Mark Wahlberg impressions so Wahlberg went on the show to confront him.  Same went for Tina Fey and Sarah Palin.  Those interactions were so great.  This one however was not.  They joked about how this was the first time the two had met, and it looked like it was.  They stood on the stage with a bit of awkward silence which kind of killed the momentum of the whole thing.  I'm not surprised that he created something where he could interact with people via internet and not real life because he seems like a jittery little rabbit.  I thought as a whole, Jesse Eisenberg was a great host and he is quickly winning me over.