Guys, today we celebrate two of our favorite things;  Steak and Blowjobs. March 14th has been declared Steak and BJ Day. After work stop by your local butcher, grab the biggest Fred Flintstone Brontosaurus steak you can find, head home fire up the grill and then give your significant other a nudge.  To be honest, today is pretty awesome!

According to the official steak and bj day website, men work hard on Valentines Day to satisfy their lovers, one month later is the joyous opportunity to repay the favor.

You see the men have racked their brains for hours to come up with the best gift to show their spouse or significant other that they truly care about them on February 14th or Valentines Day.

After that the men feel left out therefore March 14th has been designated at Steak and Blowjob day- the name basically says it all.  No flowers, no gifts, no special night on the town.   Simple, Effective and self explanatory.

Ladies if you do a good job today, I can guarantee the next Valentines Day will be even better!

There's even a game that you can play on facebook.  Comment how you like your steak and your preferred color hair of your partner.

Check out the official steak and blowjob website to find the best techniques to satisfy your partner, there's videos and tutorials.  You can also find some great steak recipes as well as photo and images.  Be careful, some is NFSW viewing.

Steak and Blowjob day is just plain and simple and pretty awesome!