Love is in the air and a true story! Duaveed Hakhainhaguadole was walking past the Bad Behavior Sex Shop in Los Angeles when he met the love of his life; Clara. She doesn't argue, scream or complain....she can't, she is a mannequin. Now they're married.

Oh sure, we've all had those thoughts of looking at a hot mannequin and imagining what it would look like without clothes.. no you never had those thoughts?? never mind!!

So talk about creepy - Duaveed knew one thing, he had to marry her! He had a ordained minister marry them. A question you might ask is "What about sex"? He says he wishes there was something between his wife's legs but he bought a replica of her private area which he fills with gun oil and uses.

Now that Duaveed is married, he gets a bump in his disability check. Yep true love!