It wasn't the smartest investment every I dare say.

Karl Baxtar bought 10k copies of "The Science Of Lance Armstrong" DVDs last year in hopes of turning them around for a profit. Now he is stuck with nearly all of them after the scandal finally broke wide open last week.

Originally purchased for roughly $1.33 (1 euro), Baxter was going to sell off the DVDs for $4 making a potential profit of $26k.

Baxter, who is the director of sales for Wholesale Clearance UK, says "I don't know what I'm going to do with them now. It's one of those things in business, sometimes this sort of thing happens. We are trying to think of a creative use for them."

Frisbee maybe?

He continued: "They will make good tea coasters, wind chimes or bird scarers. I could make a big tower or build a big domino toppling track for my 3-year-old."

The Manly Library in Sydney, Australia over the weekend posted a sign saying "All Lance Armstrong books will soon be moved to Fiction." It was, however, a prank done by a part-time employee but the story sent viral super quick.

(Digital Spy)