Newest rock band, Tempe, Arizona quintet Man Made Machine have just recently been taking the music world by storm. They're on tour with Staind, and have released their debut album, Become. The band fits in very well with today's popular rock bands, as they have similar sound and style, while showing the world what they have "become" since luckily being signed, recorded, released and on tour.

Upon first listen with "Liar and Thief," "Nobody Loves Me" and album single "Victim," I unfortunately classified Become as generic. It's a 12-track record that sounds like every other popular rock band: Papa Roach, Pop Evil, Three Days Grace, Theory of a Deadman and Rev Theory.

It's apparant that this is the band's debut album for many reasons. One- the lyrics and song titles are weak, literal and elementary and lack figuration. Some song titles are even repeats, such as "Pain" and "See You in Hell," and some lyrics are predictable and contain too much chorus. Two- the album sings of generic subjects and juxtapositions, such as "Angels and Devils," "thieves," "changes," "liars," "victims" and "mother*******." Lastly, most of the tracks sound too similar to one another, and eventhough the songs are catchy and are easily stuck in your head, it's because of the juvenile state of the lyrics.

The band's voice and sound are good and on track, and they definitely have potential. They have the right idea and have what it takes, they just need to find their sense of originality and individuality, and need to figure out the right rhythm and style for them that sets them apart from other bands. I hope the band's next album is a big step up and showcases their deep-rooted talent.

I give this album two guitars!