The headline is correct; A man who had his penis injected with Olive Oil no longer has said manhood. We hear commercials on the radio and see them on TV for male enhancement all the time. This guy went a different, more illegal and unproven, route.

Reports say the unnamed man from Taiwan had the injection done 5 years ago but his penis began to "malfunction" within the last six months. A wound on his penis would become infected causing pain and discomfort. He, at first, put off going to the hospital but finally came around to the idea of medical help. He was ashamed to go to a doctor and admit the procedure he had done.

Well, the visit didn't go too well. The doctor gave him the news that his penis would have to be removed due to the infection.

My question; Who the hell thought of Olive Oil being used as a penis enlarger and how would that sound like a good idea? Lesson learned here: Next time you're looking for male enhancement, go the safer route and ask your doctor first.