Some people stick fish down their pants so they can walk off without paying for it and others like me simply do it because it feels good. There is nothing more liberating then a pair of dungarees filled to the waste line with tilapia and I’m sure Henry Holmes Jr. would agree with me.

“A 41-year-old city man stuffed steak and seafood down his pants and then led cops on a chase after supermarket employees spotted him in the act and called police Tuesday, authorities said.” –TU

Filling your pants with friendly sea creatures is okay if it’s done for pleasure but not the best idea if you plan on eating this stuff later. The idea of eating a scallop that has been resting on someone’s coin purse is not very appetizing. Also when stealing live seafood you need to be super careful that whatever is in your pants doesn't mistake a certain body part for a tasty sea worm.