If you are a gamer, you know the filling when you look at a clock and realize you just spent the last 4-5 hours playing. Some do it because they are addicted to gaming, while others just never realize this and are in throttled in the game. A gamer in China gamed so much, his dad hired other higher ranking players to kill his avatar over and over again to get him off the game.

The father, Mr. Feng as he is referred to by China's Saquin Daily, embarked on a cyber murder scheme because his son seemed unable to pull himself away from the game long enough to hold a job.

The son, referred to as "Xiao Feng", left his job at a software development company because he "was unhappy with the work." Since that time, Xiao has been glued to his TV and not looking for new employment.

Mr. Feng, fed up with this, came up with a way to "discourage" Xiao's love of the game. He hired a list of high ranking "assassins" to kill off his son's avatar every time he would log on to the game. So pretty much, as soon as Xiao's character would appear he would be killed.

It worked at first but Xiao started to think something was up. He asked around with several other players because "he never had any bad blood with the master players" that were killing him off.

Xiao confronted his dad saying that he wants to find a job but one he really enjoys. Xiao also claims that his did over exaggerated the amount of time he spent playing the game.

This isn't the first time in China something like this has happened, more and more parents are sending this kids to "Video Game Boot Camps" to kick their addiction. The parents believe that sending their game addicted children to a camp run by soldiers of the People's Liberty Army would resolve the issue.