Oh Florida, you are an endless supply of screwed up treasure. They do say family is the most important thing in life and if you’re this guy drugs are a close second. A south Florida man Barry Thompson was arrested outside a middle school while parked in a car with his step daughter.

“The deputy asked him why he was at the school, why his pants zipper was open and what his relationship was to the woman in car.

"Thompson stated the female was his 'date' and is his step-daughter. Thompson advised he and step daughter were in a sexual relationship and had come to the school because they were trying to keep the relationship a secret from his wife and step daughter's mother," –NBC Miami

Technically this isn’t all that bad because the step-daughter is an adult. However, she is still his step daughter and this is the kind of stuff I have only seen in the taboo series. Also I wonder how their attempt to keep their disgusting drug daddy/step-daughter relationship is going now?