This week's Man Hack is essential to every man. As men, we are bound to upset a member of the "fairer" sex at times by doing something without even knowing what we did was wrong.

The most important rule to follow when defusing an angry woman is not to engage.

Once you have that down you can work on the next step. The key to helping a women off the rage express often takes some smoke and mirrors.

In most cases distractions will throw most women off track, taking away the feeling the need to engage an a verbal assault. We'll give you examples of effective distractions when getting out of hot water.

The first distraction is surprise. Most women will be prepared and have an idea of how the conversation will go down before it starts. They will systematically build responses to anything a you may to bring to the table. So do the unexpected, tell them they are right and that you are sorry. She will not be prepared for this, leaving her speechless without a real response.

The second distraction is candy. Never underestimate the power of chocolate especially the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. For best results use Reese's Pieces.

The last distraction is cute fluffy things. For example puppies, kittens or for something you can keep in your desk at work stuffed animals.

Keep in mind none of these "hacks" are a permanent solutions. Just short-term relief 'till you decide how you want handle the situation.