This is Dale McDaniel, and he might be the worst neighbor in the history of the planet.  Don't believe me?  Wait until you see the news report from WTSP in Florida.  There is no one safe from this maniac.

Lets first of all talk about how scary this man looks and sounds. He hit a man in the face with a fish! Who does that? Not to mention running around the neighborhood with a chainsaw. It almost seems fake.  This guy is such a redneck stereotype it's ridiculous.  Is he the worst neighbor ever?  Without a doubt in my mind he is.  Offensive, not to mention that dump of  a place bring down the neighborhood.

He even sounds like a movie character.  Lets take a look at some famous fictional characters that remind us this lovely gentleman.

Farmer Fran (The Waterboy):

Carl (Sling Blade):

Uncanny. Is there anyone else this guy sounds like?