I love that a local company that is providing a product most of us use on the daily while trying to better the environment is getting some funding from some big names who can also help get the word out!


JUST Water is a company operating out of Glens Falls that harvests water from a spring in Queensbury and packages it in in recycled paper-based "bottles" that are said to be 80 percent more environmentally friendly than typical plastic water bottles.

Yesterday some big name investors disclosed their interest in the company and it just so happens that not only are they major players in Hollywood but a couple of them also started out making some classic tunes. Will Smith, a.k.a. The Fresh Prince, Agent Jay, Hancock, along with his wife Jada, and his son and daughter Jaden and Willow decided to let the world know about their involvement with the company. WNYT reports that the family got involved on the ground floor a couple of years ago after Jaden said to Will  that something had to be done to reduce plastic pollution in the oceans.

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So a team of investors and scientists got together to find a solution and JUST Water is the result.

Apparently the Smith's aren't the only big name investors either, Queen Latifah is also involved with JUST Water.

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While the company says that stars involvement isn't meant to be an endorsement I think that the public becoming aware of their involvement has got to boost awareness for their cause. Not that they necessarily need seeing as the company has grown exponentially in its first year. Last year JUST Water was sold in 500 stores and this year they can be purchased in 13,000.

What do you think? Will you be switching brands now that you know? Let us know in the comments.