As always, it all hinges on Rick Moranis.

We didn't get one with the prequels, and maybe it was just as well, but with all the hype over Star Wars: the Force Awakens, now seems like the best time for a parody.

Mel Brooks has stated that he wants to get the sequel filming in 2016, and wants to use as much of the original cast as possible, but there's a wild card. Rick Moranis has been out of acting for quiet a while. He has stated that he would come back for the right part, which hopefully this is. A cameo in the new Ghostbusters wasn't.

This is a movie I would go see in a theater, and it looks like I wouldn't be alone. An artist has even taken the time to make spoof movie posters in the style of the current Force Awakens posters. You can check those out and read all the behind the sceens stuff over at Inquisitr.