Never mind I take back everything bad I said about Amanda Bynes. Looks like this chick has got it all together and it’s time to make some more magic.

I was very concerned a few weeks ago when I saw how my child hood crush was turning out. Amanda Bynes on twitter I thought was the worst thing to happen, but boy was I wrong. It looks like she’s really turning things around by releasing this super sexy and level headed video.

Serious though, has Amanda Bynes died? Like her twitter account isn’t verified, which most if not every celebrity twitter account is. And in every picture and video now she looks like a straight up caricature of herself. When did Amanda Bynes become some crazy 50 year old vicodin popping prostitute you see on a New Jersey bus at 3 am?

Did she die and some semi look alike just take over her everything social media? Or maybe she lives in the mountains and someone is making a big joke by posting pictures that kind of look like her and we are all falling for it. There has got to be more to this right? Amanda Bynes haven’t really become the prescription Lady from SNL?