After watching Paranormal Activity 4 this weekend and pretending not to be scared out of my mind when I came home to an empty, dark house, I thought - damn, is my humble abode haunted?  I hit up the Internet and researched the area's most haunted places! Luckily, my domicile is in the clear.  Is yours?  

After extensive research which contained mostly of Google and beer, I find that the top dog of haunted places is in Brunswick - Forest Park Cemetery.  The cemetery was set up in 1897 and was never quite completed as the company went bankrupt in 1914. Despite money issues, burials continued to take place up until 1975.  Today, the cemetery remains  unattended.  Unless you have permission from the town, it's illegal to enter the place and rightfully so considering all of the stories I have read.  A decapitated angel statue has been said to bleed.  Some have even said this may be the gateway to hell.


Fort Ticonderoga is rumored to be so haunted that Ghost Hunters, the TAPS show on SyFy even did a special there.  With construction starting back in 1754, I'd say these walls have some stories. Used for the Seven Year's War and The American Revolutionary War, the fort even embraces their spirits by offering ghost tours. Perhaps you'll find Nancy Coates, a girl of General Mad Anthony Wayne. Thinking the General left her for another woman, she drowned her self in Lake Champlain and has been said to haunt the Fort.


Ghost Hunters also hit up the Otesaga hotel in Cooperstown.  Stories of children running down the hallway when no children are booked into the hotel.  Noises from the "sixth floor" when there is no sixth floor in the hotel.  Rather than taking TAPS' word for it, we took matters into our own hands!


My local paper down in Columbia County, The Register Star, speaks of The Dietz House. Down in Hudson, on South Sixth Street, Mable Park is said to roam the house.  She spent over 50 years there and after her death, the house was bought by the Dietz family. Sheets pulled from beds and foot steps in the halls in a place a few minutes from me - creepy.

So, what are some of your ghost stories? Have you been in a true haunted house? You may have and never even knew it! Check out some of the other places around you.