The late Elizabeth Taylor has gotten the ultimate diss from the grave: her talented life of fame is going to attempt to be portrayed by the famed-for-bad-reasons actress Lindsay Lohan. She will be playing the part of Taylor in a Lifetime movie titled Liz and Dick. I don't know why she has been given this role, but I think one of my favorite channels has just dropped way down on the list.

The film has been in the works since May of 2011, and will be run by producer Larry Thompson. However, Lohan has to abide by one rule in order to be promised the spot until the end: stay sober and out of trouble. Well, so much for that.

Lohan is due to appear at court this Wednesday, and if she behaves, she will be able to play the part of Elizabeth as Cleopatra.

Lohan has been showing signs of improving her life, as she recently roleplayed as Marilyn Monroe, and will even be hosting Saturday Night Live on March 3. I am glad she's turning over a new leaf, but I don't think she ever deserves to be given such an honorable role who many other actresses deserve and could do better and unconditionally.

Do you think Lohan is a good choice for the part?