Start stretching out and getting hydrated because Lewis Black is coming to Albany and I don’t want anyone to pull a hammy.

Lewis Black is like everyone’s favorite uncle who sees everything that is messed up in the world and can’t stop screaming about it until the vein in his forehead bursts. He’s one of my favorite comedians and I cannot wait to see him live.

If you are not familiar with Black’s work then perhaps you do not own ears or the more common things known as “eyes.” You may have seen him on "The Daily Show" in his "Back in Black" segments or one of his several HBO specials. Black has also appeared in feature films like “Accepted” and “Man of the Year.”

Perhaps comedy is not your game and you are still wondering where you know Lewis Black from. Maybe your only reference point is from the NY State lotto radio commercials and you think you have heard them and you think you may have even liked them.

Well, if you love lotto commercials than maybe try on an hour or so of Lewis Black’s stand up at the Palace Theatre on Oct. 16th in Albany. Q103 even has your chance to win a pair of tickets to the show.