Falling in Reverse graced us with their presence at Rock on the Range; vocalist Ronnie Radke opened up discussing how Wikipedia lies and spreads rumors about their band, which made for interesting conversation.

Most people use Wikipedia as their 'Bible,' believing everything they read -- I am guilty of this myself. During my interview with Ronnie from Falling in reverse, he came right out and said that the following is not true: they do not have nine members, or nine former members for that matter. He has not murdered anyone, contrary to the strong belief, and the band have been together since about 2006, not 2008 as previously stated. Ronnie has spent time in jail, but not for anything as ludacris as murder.

Actually, prison helped him, he said. It prepared him and helped him deal with his anger issues and he even wrote most of the band's songs while there. His experience also inspired the name Falling in Reverse, as it pertains to drugs and the consequences that go along with them, and the journey that can partake while on them.

As for the future of the band, Ronnie stated that they will be working on a new album after this summer's Warped Tour. There are not yet any known details of the new album, but it will follow 2011's The Drug in me is You."