It's crunch time! Need some last minute holiday gift ideas? The Q has got you covered on this weeks edition of Free Advice Friday.

Look it happens to the best of us. No matter how early you start your holiday shopping there's always those couple of things or people you remember (or find out about) at the last minute. So you find yourself searching in the final hours for those last minute gifts.

So on this weeks Free Advice Friday Vinnie and I thought we would throw down some last minute gifts you could create yourself. You know like you did in elementary school before you were required to spend all the cash you worked so hard to save over the last year on your family and friends.

I got to be honest this video was meant to showcase our lack of arts and crafts expertise but I was genuinely surprised at the reactions we got from our co-workers when we presented them with crap gifts. Talk about the true meaning of the holidays!