Today is the absolute last day!

As you well know for the entire month of May the Q has been throwing out Free Beer and Hot Wings money pretty much like it was our job.

I mean we were giving away $1,000 twice a day. All the $1,000 prizes have been given away but there is still a huge $10,000 purse that is up for grabs! You must however become a ROCKAHOLIC and enter HERE like immediately because you only have until 11:59pm TONIGHT to put your name in the hat!

I'm not sure what you are waiting for ... do it NOW!!! $10,000 just sitting there up for grabs and it could be yours!

You could totally be like Duane who stopped in to the studios today to score his $1,000 prize.

Only your check would have and extra zero behind it and would definitely increase your bank account exponentially. Sign up now! Good luck!