It's Labor Day weekend, your last chance to get away before the last drops of summer are gone and the grind begins, so what are your plans for this weekend? 


When I was a kid my family always had a Labor Day weekend game plan, ether we would go camping and complain about how cold it was, while dreading the inevitable return to school, or we would go on a picnic at my favorite town park in the Capital Region, the Colonie Town Park.

I did not always spend my Labor Day weekend going on vacations and picnics, when I got older, I had to work and that is when I learned of the real American Labor Day, Labor Day Sales at the mall.

This Labor Day I will be working, I will be working over the weekend as well, but I work in Media so I deserve to work, because if I am not here helping broadcast the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show, then how else am I supposed to make sure our workers are entertained?