New allegations have arisen against cycling champion Lance Armstrong and his use of Performance Enhancing Drugs or PED's.

When Armstrong's former teammate made more allegations of using PED's I was like everyone else and was like, this guy is just looking for money or attention.  It seems like this may be the thing to get Armstrong in trouble though.  All four of his former US Postal Service team, teammates have come forward to say that Lance did in fact abuse drugs just as they did.

Cycling is one of the most tested sports in the world and Armstrong himself has never tested positive, despite France trying to derail the 7 time Tour De France champion.  ESPN's Bonnie Ford says that now that more of Armstrong's teammates are comign forward there may actually be grounds for some sort of trial.

Armstrong is the most tested athlete in the world and to this day has never tested positive.  He claims to have done over 500 tests.  I think you could manage to fool the system a couple times if you were using, but 500 times?  Seems pretty improbable.  More info on the Armstrong controversy can be found here.