My long term committed secret girlfriend Lady Gaga is known for some wacky stuff. Recently her list of tour demands has been released and I fail to see the issue. Whether you love her or hate her Gaga is in your face with avantgarde hair, avantgarde clothing, and avantgarde anthig you can think of. Too most people this is annoying, me on the other hand love every bit of it. However to keep up with the whole “oOOo I’m a wacky lady who loves wacky things,” Lady Gaga also makes some pretty bizarre request when on tour. ABC News recently released a list of stars with outrageous backstage demands and Lady Gaga takes the low fat all organic cake.

Gaga’s list of demands for her dressing room include….

Walls decorated with silver satin walls.

Posters of famous rock stars such as David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and Elton John.

A mannequin with "puffy pink pubic hair".

lavender-colored bath towels, hand towels and washcloths.

Peanut butter with no more than four grams of sugar.

Tuna and Activa yogurt (Gaga has to keep regular).


Some might read this and see a pretentious diva making outrageous demands. However, I see this list and see someone who is afraid t6o ask for the important stuff. Whenever I do a wrestling show I send a list of my own demands. Rarely are they met, but the demands I have are very real.

My list of demands include…

Refrigerator filled with Corona light and build your own pizza lunchables.

5 Hammocks of equal sizes.

Commercial size laser tag game vest and guns.

“Milo and Otis” on Blue ray playing on loop.

A mannequin dressed as Macho Man Randy Savage from the movie Spider Man (Bone Saw).

3 bean bag chairs that have been emptied of their foam beads and refilled with sour skittles.


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