She finally gets a taste of what she deserves! At her concert in Houston, Texas this past Sunday night, the ridiculous, un-talented "singer" Lady Gaga took a fall.

The 'Born This Way' singer was standing on her piano bench, with one leg on her piano, when she lost her balance and fell in the middle of singing her new tune 'You and I.'- popeater

She was unharmed, which is surprising since she's practically naked in her nonsensical outfit. Like really put on some pants you're not hot. I don't know what posesses her to dress like a crazed lunatic...oh right that's because she is one, my bad.

I'm glad she wasn't hurt, but it would have been nice if when she fell she fell off the face of the music world because she's giving it a bad name. I just wish she could crawl down the hole she came from and stop conforming kid's minds into psycho, meaningless mush.

Watch the video in all it's hilarity here.

Did you die laughing, pee your pants or just laugh really hard?