Never has a headline had such a pleasing effect on me before.  Read on and perhaps you'll get the same feeling of contentment.

It seems the Queen of Strange has offended a disability advocacy group over the use of a wheelchair by the pop-star's alter  fish  mermaid-ego Yuyi.  While performing at the Sydney Town Hall, Lady Gaga come out on stage to sing her rock ballad "Yoü and I" when fans began hurling eggs directly at her.  It seems none actually struck the singer herself, but several did make contact with members of her entourage.

The costume Lady Gaga wears for this particular persona restricts the use of her legs, thus requiring her to move on stage through the use of a wheelchair.  One of the founders of a quadriplegic advocacy group referenced Gaga's stunt as being used strictly for "shock value."

I'm usually fine with entertainers who are a little out there with their stage presence and personas, it usually makes the shows more interesting.  However, my problem with Lady Gaga is her absolute lack of normalcy.  Without getting into ridiculous arguments about what is and what isn't normal, all I'm going to say is would it really, honestly hurt you or your "art" to wear a pair of jeans every once in awhile?  Get off your artsy-fartsy high horse and do something normal that your fans can relate to from time to time.  All this incident has done is probably put PETA back on your scent for inciting people to throw eggs at your bad taste in choosing a mode of transportation designed to enhance the quality of people's lives.  I can't say your music really enriches anyone in any arena of life, but that's just my opinion.